Here it comes, coffee with no regards for anything but flavour and people...

We are completely bonkers for great coffee and for people (we really like trees and animals as well but just love people) and have just figured out, yep a bit slow off the mark, how to combine our two passions and really please everybody.  The mission: 'Coffee focused on flavour and a full understanding of where and how the beans get to your cup. Make sure every person in that coffee chain wins while paying it forward to those who need a hand!'  How awesome is that mission, we are busting at the seams to get going.

The poverty revolution we are part of wants to take the guilt away from all coffee lovers in blessed countries by providing an awesome coffee experience while benefiting the global community.  We believe we can provide a better coffee experience without adding cost to you and still provide moments of freedom for those in less fortunate situations.  A real win-win, better coffee and you get to help the global community.

We have a partner organisation, Give Hope, who work with children of widows in India and a part of every coffee we sell, both latte and beans, goes towards helping these children.  We are also looking to develop some micro enterprise projects with the widow mum's of these children to help develop sustainable living.    

Come on, join us in the poverty revolution and have a SOZO coffee today.